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Julian (ft. Lena Platonos)

Julian, a deep dive into dystopia. Featuring Lena Platonos

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Sanctuary in Ionian Rythm (Die Arkitekt Remix)

Official remix of Sanctuary in Ionian Rythm by Lena Platonos

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FACE (ft. Tamta)

FACE is a cry for analogue feelings in the digital era. Featuring Tamta

Who Told You to Hate Yourself
(ft. Charity Kase)

Who Told You to Hate Yourself featuring the alternative drag queen and RuPaul's Drag Race conestant Charity Kase.

Kaval (ft. Kid Moxie)

Kaval is the lead single of Die Arkitekt's upcoming debut album. In this track Die Arkitekt teaming up with Kid Moxie with her angelic vocals, explores Bulgaria's dark ethnic choir sounds and recreates the folk song Kaval Sviri giving it an avant-garde techno twist. 

Kid Moxie - No Island (Temple Remix)

Die Arkitekt remixes No Island by Kid Moxie

Wilmheim (EP)

Classical music meets techno in Die Arkitekt's debut EP. Featurong the tracks Wilmheim, Politik and In Berlin

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