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Avant-garde from the past, Tehcno from the future

The Athenian music producer and DJ Die Arkitekt is known for combining his electronic and classical music influences, to create techno that is loyal to his roots. His avant-garde music paired with conceptual looks creates an immersive experience which transports the listener into his dark fantasy world. 
Emerging from Athens, Greece, Die Arkitekt launched his solo career with the release of debut EP Wilmheim in September 2020. In 2022, he released his debut album Dark Colors including collaborations with Lena Platonos, Kid Moxie, Tamta and Charity Kase. Last but not least, Die Arkitekt has also teased the senses of the London audience with his stylish DJ sets at prestigious venues including EGG LDN, Electrowerkz and Dalston Superstore. His previous singles had the support of  WONDERLAND,VICE, KALTBLUT and METAL Magazine.


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